November 23rd, 2011

@gb1191 really? That’s sad. I love #GrooveShark. Well, I love #Spotify more though, so all is well. :)

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@sarahbstudio any duet. Alto Sax & Horn transposing to Eb - an easy transposition.

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BrianDietzen Happy Thanksgiving eve! Can’t wait for the kids to get to sleep tonight so I can put toys under the turkey, and fill their socks w/gravy.

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One week remaining to get in your posts to the December Music Ed Blog Carnival #MusEdChat #MPLN #MusicEd

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Ok, family room completely rearranged. Much better, thank you. Now making sausage-oyster dressing & watching The Twilight Zone

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@andreamystrena @ShaunLindner Hello Andrea & Shaun. Thanks for the mention. #musedchat can be a fantastic resource for music teachers!

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Edublog Awards Nominations will be taken for another week. Trying to narrow it down is tough! :) #musedchat #mpln

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@JulieKastner Hello Julie. Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback.

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RT @purplellamacorn: For anybody interested in composing, @musescore is an awesome program. Best of all, it’s FREE! #composition #music

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