November 9th, 2011

Looking at MobyPicture,, Yfrog, and TwitPic. Never been a fan before, but TwitPic wins primarily for having more sharing options.

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Testing TwitPic / Seesmic integration. Here is Sophie processing the varied events of the day.

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Testing Yfrog / Seesmic integration. Here, Sophie is blowing in the wind.

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Testing Mobypicture/Seesmic linkup. Here’s Sophie, our wonky-eared pup.

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Never seen ‘Highlander’ before. Epic & Cheesy need not be mutually exclusive. #ThereCanBeOnlyOne

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@MusicEdTech yeah, I do have lists set up - which are very helpful, but I still have weeding to do.

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jguarr New blog post: Lesson plan for composition with a performing ensemble #musedchat #musiced #mpln

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Easy to sleep too long on a dark, rainy morning. Thanks Daylight Savings for having my back!

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@amandaeconnon This is a weekly practice record / not per term, but I redesigned it to focus on what matters most.

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