July 14th, 2010

Does anybody understand the point of Google Buzz or why anyone should use it? #fb

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#MusEdChat tomorrow evening 8PM Eastern. What’s the topic? The vote has a little over an hour left. http://twtpoll.com/yb4z25

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Unidentified horn player in the park - http://moby.to/5amtg5

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Composer George Gershwin died 73 yrs ago today - brain cancer at age 38. Here’s An American in Paris http://tinysong.com/gvi6 #musedchat #fb

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Vining Reunion (@ 5 Mile Recreation Area) http://4sq.com/5R8dAi

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@LindsayMorelli just drink it out of the carafe! (no on’es watching)…

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This is an excellent blog entry by @griffinmusiced on practicing and brain function. #musedchat #fb http://ow.ly/185szM

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I’ll be in Chico today for the Vining family reunion. #fb

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