July 4th, 2010

Played American Overture, 1812, America the Beautiful, & Stars & Stripes under the fireworks show. Great way to spend the 4th. #horn #fb

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I’m at La Sierra HS for Sac Concert Band concert & Fireworks http://bit.ly/aoSSrb 8-10pm #fb

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@staffnotes oh, where are they? cause I’ve been looking all over and have a gig in the sun!

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@jawajoose it looks like it’s west of Fiddyment. I can see the smoke from Baseline/Foothills

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Hello everyone on #musedchat - I’m new to this group. What time Monday is the discussion or is it all day? Thanks. #mused

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“America” by Samuel F. Smith 1st performed w/ the lyric “My Country Tis of Thee” July 4, 1831. Here’s Crosby & Nash http://bit.ly/deCBOz #fb

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@stumpy6653 Yeah, all of them. Or not. I did & then made a MusEd list so I could view just them. Lot’s of good info & collaboration.

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4yo watching the #Wiggles on Sprout. Wondering if little kids ever mistake @WilliamShatner or @wilw for one of these guys. #solidcolorshirt

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