June 21st, 2010

Ok, the plan is garage, then back yard, then horn. We should seriously have the Summer in February though so it wouldn’t be so warm.

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Ah, the first Friday of Summer… the weekend is almost here!

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@klaudiiih that’s too bad that he’s getting rid of it. They have such a great sound. I’d love to get one some day.

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I need to get a job or something. The Summer really wrecks havoc on my sleep.

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Our girls discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000 tonight. Thought they were going to bust a gut! It was “The Crawling Eye” btw.

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@NikkiDarko I’m trying to figure out how to get twitter to update myspace - opposite of you. How did you do it?

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The World Champion Los Angeles Lakers - 4, The Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics - 3. Great game and great series!

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Fisher for three!

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