December 11th, 2009

extra Symphonic Band make-up rehearsal tomorrow Bruin Time until 4PM if there isn’t another Ice Day.

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Likely back to school tomorrow. Schedule: Wed, Thur, then *Tues* block. That’s good for our Friday rehearsal. Jazz in Theatre tomorrow

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Chrome Extensions Gallery officially opens!…

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listening to Magic Mind by Earth, Wind & Fire on @Grooveshark:

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@HiBerke No Panda Express in Istanbul, I suppose… Chinese food is very tasty :)

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@pianotyke is anything melting up there?

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RT @MENC: “A financial crisis always exposes an educational philosophy.” - John Benham, advocacy expert

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RT @MENC: When you cut 5th grade music, you lose 65% of secondary music students, says advocacy expert John Benham in a briefing at MENC HQ

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has an ‘Ice Day’ tomorrow. No school during a concert week: Day 2. Ugh.

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