October 29th, 2009

wants to buy a (good, but not too expensive) used Wagner Tuba. Any leads? eBay watchers?

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@MCHammer wha?! Who knew? Lot’s of onramps to this #Twitter highway!

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is at Wild Chicken Coffee in Loomis working on Qtr 1 grades (still), and trying to order a double bass,… ok and playing on Facebook.

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People who actually know me: I have a few Google Wave invites. If you want one, send me a private message w/ your email http://bit.ly/23ni2

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Qtr 2 begins today! New Swing & Concert music in Jazz & Symphonic Bands.

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@Yelah214 Swing Music in the morning. Go to sleep!

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@gb1191 I will give out flight info tomorrow. It is the cheapest flight. #Southwest. Less than $100 each way.

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@gb1191 wait until tomorrow to join a room. talk to people at school.

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