October 5th, 2009

@PAGRok oh, I just noticed you said ruffles, not truffles. somewhat different.

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@PAGRok is it true they use pigs to find truffles in the forrest?

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@trombone_chick it is just a random picture of the band in the bleachers

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Photo: A contemplative moment during halftime http://tumblr.com/x8e3ee…

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Photo: Pep Band at Colfax game. 14 all in 2nd. http://tumblr.com/x8e3ed…

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gearing up for the rescheduled Bear River / Colfax Fball game tonight. The band will be selling Funnel Cakes - just follow your nose!

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Photo: Grading Tech Papers at Wild Chicken Coffee http://tumblr.com/x8e3e8…

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wonders just how many students (and teachers) we can get out with the flu at once.

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