September 8th, 2009

@kitherkatrina @Yelah214 the Bass Clarinet is in :)

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@punkrocker20706 some are ok, but others are horrible, since they’ve grown up doing that. They don’t separate casual talk & formal writing.

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Pet peeve: 9th graders who turn in formal essays using texting abbreviations and informal language - writing how they talk to their friends.

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is sipping an americano at @ITSAGRINDCoffee on Foothills in Roseville - grading papers and listening to music.

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@MarleeLuikens I hope so too. We would miss you very much.

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overheard the instrument repair guy say this morning: “It’s so frustrating sometimes - all people ever bring in here is broken instruments”!

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kids 2 & 3 mafe me breakfast in bed this morning - for no particular reason! (and it was good)