April 5th, 2009

is shutting down the computer and making final preparations for the week-long band trip that starts in 9 HOURS!!.

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@kitherkatrina Looks great! BTW, I would love a senior portrait from each Band senior willing to part with one.

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is buying snacks for a VERY long road trip

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@CLBreen oh yeah. I knew that. Guess I just threw free in there because I was trying to sell it ;)

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@mmrankin twitterfox is a firefox extention. it works as a part of the browser. Firefox is WAY better than IE… and free. www.mozilla.com

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needs to buy: sharpies, sunglasses, AA batteries, and white model paint.

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@tubamom yeah, it just popped up to tell me that you were telling me that it had popped up to tell you, um… that.

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@tubamom Yes!! a convert! mwahahahaha…

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