Luck is not chance, it’s toil. Fortune’s expensive smile is earned. ~ Emily Dickinson

Mr. Ahrens teaches band & choir at Bear River High School in Grass Valley, CA.


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American Band College


It’s been an action packed 7 weeks since my last blog post. With the end of a rather blockbuster school year of performances, my own performances outside of school, preparation for and now participation in the American Band College masters program in Ashland, Oregon – a part of Sam Houston State University. I’ve not been meaning to neglect this blog. I have literally had no time. . . . → Read More: American Band College

Ever-Improving Chops on Secondary Instruments

Summer Professional Development Projects

Each Summer I try to, as a professional development project, take on a secondary instrument and improve my abilities on it. (My primary instrument is the horn). Back in college, I took the basic pedagogy courses for brass, woodwind, string, and percussion instruments. I learned to . . . → Read More: Ever-Improving Chops on Secondary Instruments