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Mr. Ahrens teaches band & choir at Bear River High School in Grass Valley, CA.


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Edublog Awards Nominations

This is a very difficult task – coming up with single nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards.  But it seems fun, so I’m playing along.

Best Individual Blog

Dave Wilken’s very informative Blog: Wilktone. Great stuff on composition, brass playing, and jazz. Check it out!

Best Individual Tweeter

Well, there is really no way to name a “best tweeter”. I mean the value of Twitter is not one person but the full community of users. So thank you to all. I do love @DeathStarPR, however. That guy makes me squirt milk out of my nose.

Best Group Blog

Leading Notes online Music Education magazine. An excellent idea, well executed by editors Justine Dolorfino and Nick Jaworski. [Twitter: @Justine_Robin, @JaworskiMusic]

Best Student Blog

Edited by Andy Ritenour, is by and for Music Education majors – but I read it too. [Twitter: @AndrewRitenour]

Best Twitter Hashtag

#MusEdChat - This is an outstanding professional development group. Formal discussions every Monday at 5PM PST and great informal chat throughout the week.

Best Teacher Blog

Andrew Hitz has put together a very nice educational blog at Andrew’s Hitz. An excellent resource for both music teachers and students. [Twitter: @HitzTuba]

Best Free Web Tool is a fantastic web tool that sequencially presents music theory from the most basic to the very advanced levels.  I refer my students to this site regularly. [Twitter: @iccir]

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series

The #MusEdChat Twitter discussions are (once again) a fantastic professional development tool.  The link I’ve shared is to the archive on

Best Eduational use of a Social Network

The Music Professional Leaning Network (#MPLN) is a huge and very effective network of music teachers created by Dr. Joseph Pisano. [Twitter: @pisanojm]


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